Cheap has a high price

The art work of the series CHEAP HAS A HIGH PRICE (GRATIS KOMMT UNS TEUER) by Manuela Picallo Gil confronts viewers and readers of tabloids. The banners use images and phrases to criticize the broad approval and acceptance of their form of reporting and would like to initiate a discourse, but above all, a collective action. If media reflect our society, we should ask ourselves if we want to live in such a society where xenophobia and sexism are part of everyday life.

We get the media we support (Wir bekommen die Medien, die wir fördern), 2020, Transparent, 130 x 185 cm
Austria: Free tastes me (Österreich schmeckt mir),
2021, Transparent, 130,40 x 220 cm
Stereotypes are our specialty (Stereotype sind unser Fachgeschäft),
2021, Transparent, 120 x 225 cm
Your fear is our motivation (Ihre Angst ist unsere Motivation),
2021, Transparent, 145 x 220 cm
Friends through thick and thick (Freunde durch dick und dick), 2021, Transparent, 134,17 x 220 cm
One hand washes the other (Eine Hand wäscht die andere), 2021, Transparent, 130 x 209,50 cm