today’s and austrian list of Corona

heutige Corona-Liste und österreichische Corona-Liste
(today’s list of Corona and austrian list of Corona)

2020, 7 pages, ink on paper, set on a mädi 3000 typewriter

Tabacco Shop Mind The Gap

Tabacco Shop MIND THE GAP
collaborativ project with Sanae Arraqas, curated by Christine Bruckbauer at philomena+ art & architecture platform, artist talk moderated by Janine Maria Schneider

In the state of emergency, social, political and economic life is restricted to a minimum. All stores serving basic needs are open – including tobacconists. The Tobacconist MIND THE GAP uses the concept of a tobacconist’s store to reveal consumption and life in time of crisis, which will be reduced to “basic needs”. Cigarettes, raffles, signposts, postcards, stamps, newspapers and other goods are apparently considered as life-sustaining goods. Dependence on certain standards is apparently to be maintained. But where is the art to question this. Who recognizes the need for this vital “commodity” in a time of alienation? In the exhibition the cover of a tobacconist’s shop makes it possible to make visible structures that influence our everyday life and increase the distance between people. At the same time, measures of distance are followed that promote increasing alienation. Because our society is pervaded by a gap that spreads like a virus and is also carried on by the media.

MIND THE GAP refers to the announcement of the same name in public transportation to draw attention to the gap. A gap between platform and vehicle, a distance between us humans within a space, a distance between each other, a gap between us that could grow increasingly.

The paintings on canvases or framed, prints on the wall and some postcards in the Tobacco Shop MIND THE GAP are by the artist Sanae Arraqas. The Illustration of the invitation card was a collaboration between the two artist: Mind The Gap II, 2020, mixed media, 128 x 210 cm

Weather, 2020, vlis wallpaper, 250 x 300 cm
Post cards #1 – #100, 2020, wooden cards, each 10,5 x 15 cm
Newspaper-Trash-Box, 2018, metall, 40 x 30 x 85 cm
Hole-Newspaper, 2018, stacked, 13 x 18 cm
Cigarette Packets #1 – #100, 2020, each 8,6 or 10,3 x 5,5 x 2,2 cm
Mind The Gap painted concept #1 – #2, 2020, watercolour paintings, 29 x 21 cm

Top auf Instagram 2019

Heute – Top on Instagram 2019
Chronicles of my Time, artist book, 2020,
in the collection of the library of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

Stool Notes

Stool Notes (details)
#1 Neologism, #3 Haiga, #2 Haiku, #4 Facts
2019, ink on paper, 29,7 x 21 cm

faded out #3

faded out #3 – XL
2020, participatory installation with sound and mat, mixed media, 400 x 450 cm

Austria is flat. Do you know that?


Austria is flat. Do you know that?
2019, rotating installation, paper, cardboard, ceramic, moving plate, rotary table, Ø 105 cm



Mohnmanie is a collaborative project with the mexican artist Oscar Cueto that refers to an economy in which revenue has replaced ethical principles. Cueto and Picallo Gil question if following unethical procedures in order to reach that economical benefit is valid. This collaborative project does not question the nature of the poppy or the mass media, but an economic system that allows and encourages polarization, social hierarchies and unequal working conditions to keep a clear division between those who produce and consume the good and those who accumulate the profits. These thoughts are expressed through a publication (folder as pdf below), an installation, illustrations, a photographic work in public space and a participative action with poppy ice cream at NOTGALERIE Kunstraum Nord, an artist space by Reinhold Zisser.

Folder Mohnmanie:


faded out #2 – Once upon a time












faded out #2 – Once upon a time there was big Assertion…
2018, hanging installation with sound and mat, mixed media, about 200 x 200 cm

“We are our ideas. […] Our sheer existence consists of the pictures we take of ourselves […]. The worst thing that can happen to us is that there are no ideas of us. “Writer and Pulitzer Prize winner N. Scott Momaday

Although there are many contradictions in how people of a particular gender are physical, we as babies are already associated with a gender conception to conform to the norm. People who do not fit into this category often experience discrimination in everyday life as well as institutionally.
However, developing openness to gender diversity is essential to living together. The installation faded out thus shows the variety of physical gender characteristics. In addition, on a further level, the lack of external sexual characteristics in toys is discussed using the example of plush toys & co. Because geniuses are still taboo and therefore hidden from our everyday life.

Daily Drug #1 – #3


Daily Drug #1
2016, c-print on paper, newspaper: 30 x 23 cm, cube: 46 x 20 x 50 cm

Daily Drug #2
2017, mixed media, about 200 x 250 cm

Daily Drug #3 – diario extra para ti
2018, participatory installation, mixed media, about 150 x 100 cm



2015, wood, about 20 x 20 cm
2016, photography on dibond, 30 x 40 cm