DESTAJOAKKORDARBEIT by collective CRAFT (Oscar Cueto and Manuela Picallo Gil), presented on the terrace of “Horror”. On this occasion, the collective produced a live action aimed at the handmade production of a flag. The letters of the saying “Al mal tiempo buena carra” (“Despite bad weather, keep smiling”) were sewn on the textile. The piece reflects on the idea of work as an ethical, moral and hygienic measure. The collective invited to collabora with Roy Meuwissen (NL/CA), who defined the content of the textile piece and with Doris Steinbichler (AT/MX), whose sound work “se compran colchones” set the rhythm of the action. Steinbichler modifyed the advertisement “se compran colchones” by María del Mar Terrón (MX).

Text by Roy Meuwissen: DESTAJOAKKORDARBEIT_english.pdf

DESTAJOAKKORDARBEIT, 2023, project by collective CRAFT