MOHNMANIE – collective CRAFT

MOHNMANIE is a project by the collectiv CRAFT (Oscar Cueto and Manuela Picallo Gil) that refers to an economy in which revenue has replaced ethical principles. Craft question if following unethical procedures in order to reach that economical benefit is valid. This collaborative project does not question the nature of the poppy or the mass media, but an economic system that allows and encourages polarization, social hierarchies and unequal working conditions to keep a clear division between those who produce and consume the good and those who accumulate the profits. These thoughts are expressed through a publication (folder as pdf below), an installation, illustrations (Papierveraceae somniferum #1 and #2, mixed media on cardboard, 32,8 x 26 cm), a photographic work in public space and a participative action with poppy ice cream at NOTGALERIE Kunstraum Nord, an art project by Reinhold Zisser. DJ Fresh Andy performed at the exhibition.

Folder Mohnmanie:

MOHNMANIE, 2019, project by collective CRAFT