faded out #1 – 3

faded out #3 – XL
2020, participatory installation with sound and mat, mixed media, 400 x 450 cm

“We are our ideas. […] Our sheer existence consists of the pictures we take of ourselves […]. The worst thing that can happen to us is that there are no ideas of us.“ Writer and Pulitzer Prize winner N. Scott Momaday

faded out #2 – Once upon a time there was big Assertion…
2018, participatory installation with sound and mat, mixed media, about 200 x 200 cm

Although there are many contradictions in how people of a particular gender are physical, we as babies are already associated with a gender conception to conform to the norm. People who do not fit into this category often experience discrimination in everyday life as well as institutionally.
However, developing openness to gender diversity is essential to living together. The installation faded out thus shows the variety of physical gender characteristics. In addition, on a further level, the lack of external sexual characteristics in toys is discussed using the example of plush toys & co. Because geniuses are still taboo and therefore hidden from our everyday life.

faded out #1
2014-15, textil, wooden chair and box, about 200 x 200 cm