The INSEL Retz celebrates its second Ein-Jahr-Insel-Fest after many exhibitions, concerts, film- and theater evenings and more. A lively exchange and discussions made a pleasant atmosphere in the rustic rooms of the INSEL. The exhibition We don´t talk about Susi. by Manuela Picallo Gil and Maja Osojnik’s concert open the third year of the INSEL.

The exhibitions shows the installation faded out lll – XL, which invites visitors to participate: touching to cuddling with the XL plush toys is welcome. The visitors can hear an instrumental sound with the headphones, with reference to the different levels of meaning within the art work.

The multi-layered work speaks about topics related to body, taboo, gender/sex, identity and acceptance. The action Escribana also trys to show different perspectives and ask some questions..

artist: Manuela Picallo Gil
musician: Maja Osojnik
contact and info: Veronika Humpel & Wolfgang Seierl
opening on Samstag, 18. Jänner 2020 um 19 Uhr
open hours from 19.01. – 01.02., 7 – 9 pm by appointment contact
location: INSEL, Klostergasse 3, 2070 Retz in Upperaustria


exhibition at the moment

The group exhibition pubishing shit.  has the same titel like a book, which is expected to be published in autumn 2020. It is based on the concept of Tomash Schoiswohl. He curated the exhibition praktisch scheiße (engl.: practically shit). Different positions were shown and art mediations and lectures offered in the art space Kulturtankstelle in Linz in 2018. In the exhibition pubishing shit.  aesthetic theories on the topic of disgust and loathing, everyday experiences with shit and regulatory policies are again developed. Artists were invited to deal with questions about the cleanliness, order and pollution of our society.

During the exhibition praktisch scheiße Manuela Picallo Gil found access to the topic through the linguistic level in connection with media criticism. In this exhibition, she shows three illustrations embedded in an installation as method for display.

artists: see details at: library Akbild
curated by: Tomash Schoiswohl
opening: thursday, december 19th 2019 at 7 pm
duration of exhibition: 20.12.2019 – 15.01.2020
location: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, mainbuilding, Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna, library, reading area, 0.5.1

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